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I love to mow my lawn. I especially love how it looks when it’s all said and done. This year, I had a bagger on the back and used the lawn mower like a giant vacuum to suck up all the leaves in the backyard. That was pretty awesome. 

But there’s one problem that I have with mowing: I don’t know the first thing about maintenance and small engines.

Now that it’s the end of the season, it’s time to store my lawnmower. While I don’t know much about small engines and maintenance, I do know that you’re supposed to do something to treat the remaining gasoline in the engine. Now I could currently go out on to YouTube and find instructions and tutorials on how to winterize your mower … but what if that information came to me by way of a local source? Let me explain. 

I know of two small engine repair businesses here in the Bitterroot Valley. A little background information. Earlier this year my mower broke and I needed it fixed … ASAP. Because when a lawnmower breaks, the grass doesn’t stop growing! I found someone (we’ll call them Company A) who came out and looked at my mower. But they needed to do some more research and would get back to me. Two weeks passed and I had still hadn’t heard from them. So I looked for someone new. I found Company B here in the valley. They had been around for awhile and had the time to come out and fix the mower. Hooray! I was back to mowing the lawn. Company A later got back with me and apologized and hoped to win back my business. We’ll see. 

Back to the winterizing of my mower and the point of my story. Both companies would like to have my business. What if one of them decided to do a video marketing strategy. Let’s say they were producing a series of how-to videos to show how to take care of your mower. One of them happened to be on how to winterize and prep your mower for storage. They shared the video on their Facebook page and on their YouTube channel. Then they created a targeted Facebook and/or Google Ad campaign. I would either a) see their video when scrolling through Facebook or see it on Google when I did a search to learn how to winterize my mower. If this company taught me something of value with a video, which one do you think I would choose for my ongoing maintenance and repair needs? 

A video marketing strategy is not all about me, me, me. It’s about the value that you give to your customers and future customers. It gets you out in front of them in a way that they see the value that you are to them. It’s a very effective way to grow your business and show the expertise and knowledge that you have to share with them. 

Now I need to go winterize my mower … let me know if you have any tips or tricks on how to do so since I haven’t seen any local videos showing me. 😉

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